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    Stupid 9/20 Update

    By Joy Lynn Clark 6/15/2023 I’ve been working on this one for the past couple of weeks. I thought about calling this song, “Users” but I don’t like to be used. 6/25/23- I Almost forgot to mention, that I recorded this in my apartment. My home studio receives signals from a nearby airport, the bus stop, and a police station. The signal interference is massive however, all of the voices in the song are in fact mine. Those frequencies affect my DAW (Digital audio workstation). I also was super self-conscious about my hair so I decided on this look with my natural color. As far as the song, I shortened…

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    Looking for a contract

    By Joy Lynn Clark August 18, 2022 Tez eventually caught some misdemeanor in another state. I didn’t know much about his status. What I did know was that he was locked up a short period of time followed by house arrest. Although I tried to sound positive when I heard the news, I figured that we were pretty much done for the moment. I was pissed because this project was underway. In the meantime, Shystie and I were pretty much on our own. I was doing the nightclub promo but it didn’t pay much. So I looked for work again. I need a day job! I was willing to just…

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    21st Century STI Prevention – Ms. Right Now 08/23 Update

    By Joy Lynn Clark  7/28/2016 One of my greatest hopes is to one-day find my soul-mate, get married, and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find the right person.  In the meantime, what’s a girl to do? I attempted to be celibate a few years back, I hated it and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.  As a woman, I thought somehow my, “purity” would attract the right guy.  I was so horny and frustrated. A couple of years later, I realized that I am no closer to my prince charming and I need to get laid.  I started dating and got some…

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    July Playlist

    7/17/2023 By Joy Lynn Clark I’ve been working on all of this new stuff and a lot of it’s halfway done so I decided to make a playlist of more finished work. Enjoy.

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    Don’t Say A Thing

    By Joy Lynn Clark 05/30/2023 I wrote this song right around “ flac attack”A.k.a. the time when the .flac Format became available through my multi track. I read about the format and it was awesome. I think they elected Trump around that time too. There is a lossless version of this track but I decided to upload the MP3. Special acknowledgment to Questlove of the Roots. Don’t Say A Thing Want me to have a baby with you? Don’t say a thing You say that I’m the only one Its just some game Tell me right now what’s wrong with you? What’s your last name? I just wanna dance with…

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    Dating This Guy is Not Working

    March 27, 2023 By Joy Lynn Clark I have been online dating since it was invented. In my last post, (dating in the digital age) I’ve posted lots of tips for the online dating scene. Recently, I decided to try online dating again since I have been depressingly single. I meant another guy and he was cool. OK here comes the McMillan-esque getting-your-groove-back-part, he was younger. Not in age, I don’t think, but in lifestyle. I didn’t mind that he didn’t have a car or his own place. This guy has a full-time job so there’s plenty of money left to take me on dates (even with student loans ).…

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    Denominations – 6/21/23 Update

    Joy Lynn Clark BMI 02/10/2023 I decided to combine Denominations and Don’t Turn Me Off. It sounds pretty cool. I delivered it to another track that I rearranged. It still needs mastering but it is aiigt to listen to. Man gon’ need some denominations Lets have sex on a boat Tied to the dock with a rope Or set sail and take a cruise Or we could f*&k in the sun And check out the views And watch you count them denominations And I might just jump off And we could probably stay out And float around I’m just a drop in the lake You can give and I’ll take…